Mother Nature Made Us Do More

We originally drafted the concept for a subscription based platform for activewear and launched it a few months ago, but we quickly realized that we were only contributing to the fast fashion world that is stocking our landfills with non-biodegradable goods.

After extensive research, we found that we can bring change to the activewear community by providing eco-friendly and sustainable technical apparel made from recycled water bottles and fishnets. We found a way to turn one of the worlds landfilling products into renewable resources that are sweat wicking, squat proof, recycled, 4-way-stretch and feather soft. Instead of taking the easy route and making average activewear, we are replacing synthetic fabrics with renewed materials such as water bottles, that we think the world has been crying out for -something better.

Our team is passionate about changing the industry for good and providing our customers with the highest quality sustainable fashion while educating them on the harmful effects of fast fashion, water bottles and other non-biodegradable goods.

At FINCH, we believe we can always #domore. We can #domore for our earth through sustainable eco-friendly activewear. We can #domore to better our health whether that means going on a walk around the neighborhood or pushing ourselves to #domore during a boxing class. We can #domore by beginning the process of eliminating the 8 billion tons of plastic that is on planet earth. Our planet.

Everything we do, we strive to be 100% eco-friendly. We will constantly be chasing new ways to be greener, better and more sustainable. We are changing up the way things are packaged and shipped too! Everything we ship is from recycled materials or plant based materials, like corn, that can easily be decomposed. FINCH will not be a part of the overflowing landfills, yuck!


The best don’t do less, they #domore

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